FER Tradition und Moderne. Mode als Leidenschaft.

FER Tradition and Modernity. Fashion as Passion.

FER is as passionately involved with their customers as they are their latest collections. Always aware of the target group, FER knows what is trending today and is already creating tomorrow's next success.

Designed and manufactured in Germany, from inception to sales, FER is an invaluable partner in the supply chain for their customers.

Was uns bewegt Unsere aktuelle Kollektion.


Our mission is to reinvent fashionable blouses and shirts to be lightweight, unpretentious and affordable. We create blouses and shirts that intrigue and fascinate our customers.

FER stands for quality and our products are exclusively European, beginning with design, choice of materials and production through the ultimate destination, delivery to our clients.

Ein starkes Team

Our Team

The employees of FER are the engine of the company. Trust and teamwork are the basis for our creative work.

It is the fertile ground in which our ideas prosper. Simply, we are inspired by people. All people. FER's innovative designs are a reflection of an incredibly talented team inspired by the world we live in. We are enthusiastic about our products because we love what we do. We think you will as well.

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Conscious Responsibility

Rather than turning a fast profit, FER pursues and achieves sustainability in every stage of the value chain.

We have operated our own production facilities in Europe for over 30 years. FER believes it is creating tomorrow today for our customers.

FER is part of the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI), which observes and adheres to fundamental human rights in the production and supply prescribed.

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